1. ProCon.org, good to learn both positions
  2. The Learning Network at the New York Times, good general stuff with questions 
  3. American History Animation, 12 minutes of American History
  4. Smithsonian Education, good science and arts 
  5. Maps at National Geographic 
  6. COMPASS Reading Practice @ UNM
  7. Reading @ QCC
  1. cK-12 Math and Science Textbooks, Videos, Lessons, and Practice
  2. Find printables at Oregon Focus on Math, then practice with more, coosbay oregon86, albany oregon15
  3. Online Math Diagnostic
  4. COMPASS Math Practice
  5. Lane's math review sheets
  1. Free emails available at Google
  2. Need practice using the computer? Go to Digital Literacy for computer lessons
  3. Spelling or Math Fact practice?  Try Freerice, but register first here
  4. Keyboard 40 WPM? Try Typingweb
  5. Make great study materials at Quizlet
  6. Learning Express Hub from the library
  7. MS Office software and general subjects at GCF Learnfree.org
  8. Documentary films and shows at Snagfilms
  9. Find out HowStuffWorks
  1. Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS)
  2. Career Information Systems (CIS)

COMPASS is a comprehensive computerized adaptive testing from the ACT company. Students take a Reading, Writing, and 1 of 3 Math tests that helps place students into appropriate courses. It isn't timed and calculators are allowed. COMPASS testing is offered at Transitional Education and Educational Support Programs and Services (ESPS), in the bookstore building, 

  1. Prepare - look at the test and practice
  2. Take your time 
  3. Read questions carefully 
  4. During practice, note work (especially math work) on paper for feedback
  5. Test in best health - sleep, food, drink, etc. 

Call 541-888-7116 for more information