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HD100 College Success and Survival

Provides a full  (3 credit) Freshman Experience for new students.  Facilitates adjustment to the college environment. Focuses on self-assessment, personal development, educational goal setting and critical thinking. Includes interdisciplinary lectures, exposure to multiple modes of educational delivery, and structured exercises to turn individual talents into strengths.

HD 199A  College Nuts and Bolts

Designed as a brief (1 credit) Freshman Experience for first year and Promise Grant students, provides a brief introduction to the essentials of college adjustment.  Topics include: finding your cohort, accessing college resources, managing time, understanding college procedures, academic planning and maintaining academic standing. 

HD112 Study Skills

Designed to increase the students' success in college by assisting them in obtaining skills necessary to reach their educational objectives. Students are introduced to time management strategies, note taking, library usage, problem-solving, exam strategies, muscle reading, and learning styles.

HD208 Career/Life Plan

Students learn a process for career selection, emphasizing development as an ongoing process. Attention is given to self-assessment (skills, interests, values, attitudes, motivational patterns), decision-making models, job and career research techniques (including electronic resources), and development of a personal action plan.

HD 111 Study Skills for Math Success

This course is for students who want to figure out how to enjoy math again, who want to really understand—not just memorize math formulas, who learn by doing, who want to talk through the math—not just listen to a lecture, who want to use their creativity and intuitions instead of stare at a computer screen, and who even want to relax and have fun doing math.  Can be taken alone or alongside a required math course.  In the latter case, students will be supported to understand and practice concepts from the other class.

MTH 199A  Excelling in Mathematics

This course is designed to complement developmental Mathematics courses but is beneficial for students enrolled in any Mathematics course. This course reshapes students' math attitudes, develops notetaking skills for lecture, emporium, and online delivery methods, addresses math and test anxiety and test-taking methods, fosters productive persistence, reflection, and self-efficacy, and includes the development of a personalized math success plan.