Welcome to SWOCC Dining Services!

Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) brought all of its foodservice in house in September 2009.  At that point the program came under the purview of the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute (OOCI).  It is a program that provides competitive externship positions for the students of OCCI.  The entire community of SWOCC benefits from this program as they are brought healthful food made from scratch everyday by the newest members of the culinary industry.

The dining hall (Empire Cafe) is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the dining hall opens in the afternoon for brunch and in the evening for dinner. It is open to all students, staff members, members of the public. If you live in Student Housing you are required to have a meal plan; the cost for this is already included in your room rate.

Southwestern Dining Services will do its best to accommodate the special dietary requirements of students. If you have special needs in this area, arrangements should be made with the Housing Office prior to your arrival at Southwestern. 

The weekly hours of operation is available for download by clicking on the red button.

Weekly Menu

Southwestern Oregon Community College is dedicated to creating and supporting sustainability through action and education.