Our Childhood Education & Family Studies program is a great place to begin to meet your goals of becoming an infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, or secondary teacher in any public and/or private educational setting.

The Educare Preschool serves children ages 2.5 to 6 years (if still in kindergarten), with morning and afternoon sessions offered Monday - Friday. The Family Center operates as the lab school for the Southwestern Childhood Education and Family Studies Program. For application and rate information, contact the Family Center main office.

Healthy Families Oregon is part of the national Healthy Families America network of home visiting programs. Many families are eligible for home visits with their own Healthy Families Home Visitor for up to three years.

During these home visits, you will receive information and support from an understanding, friendly visitor. You will learn new skills so you can:

  • Cope better with the challenges you face as a new parent
  • Help your baby grow up healthy and strong
  • Help your baby be ready for school
  • Learn about how to connect with other
  • Services for you and your family.

Contacting Us:

To find out more about Healthy Families Oregon in Coos and Curry Counties call 541.251.3494 or email us at: CoosCurryHealthyFamilies@socc.edu

The mission of South Coast Family Harbor:  
To support families in building on their strengths and developing the skills needed to remain, or move towards having, stable and attached families by developing a nurturing web of supports that result in safer children, healthier families, and stronger communities.

Serving children from 2 - 4 years of age

Please contact us at southcoastfamilyharbor.office@gmail.com or call 541.888.7915