Southwestern 2017 Annual Report


patty gradOur college is Thriving, Changing, Innovating

As I enter my 25th year here at Southwestern, and my 10th year as president, I can’t imagine living anywhere else, or working in a college with as committed a faculty, staff and volunteers. 

Looking back, 2017 was a good, stable year for Southwestern Oregon Community College. We’re fortunate. In higher education and especially for rural Oregon colleges, a good, stable year isn’t always the norm.

Yes, we’re thriving. In 2017, Southwestern celebrated its largest graduating class ever. We had 446 graduates on our Coos and Curry campuses. Our graduates came from within Coos, Curry and western Douglas counties, and from 25 states and two countries.  These individuals of all ages left our college with degrees and certificates in science, health care, business, arts, welding and other fields. Many go on to excel in jobs in local communities, and others pursue more education through Southwestern’s University Center or at four-year universities.

We’re changing, too. In 2017, we continued to work with local donors, foundations and grantors to raise the funds to build the Umpqua Hall Health & Science Technology Building. The interest and support for this project is unprecedented. We’re looking forward to selecting a contractor and replacing 50-year-old science labs and providing a modern, collaborative and technology-rich learning space for our faculty and students.

And we’re innovating. In 2017, we added physics back into our programs and completed the first year of the new Dental Assistant Program. We joined with the business community and economic development entities to bring the Rural Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Framework or REEF to campus. REEF will grow in 2018 in the Newmark Innovation Center, where businesses and the College will collaborate around small business training and incubation of new ventures.

These changes and innovations will increase Southwestern’s already significant economic impact on our south coast communities.  Did you know our college employs 347 people full- and part-time, and accounts for 3.7% of the gross regional product or $78.5 million in income to our region’s economy? For every dollar our communities and donors invest in our college and students’ education, society gains $4.30 in cumulative benefits to our workforce.

I hope you enjoy a brief look back on 2017 in the stories and information below. All of us at Southwestern hope to see you on our campuses in 2018 enjoying the many opportunities we offer to help you enrich your life. 

President Dr. Patty Scott

How has college impacted your life?

Our faculty and staff continually strive to make our college a premier destination for acquiring professional job training and transfer degrees. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing graduates like 2017 Distinguished Alumna Shirley MacAdam (1999), Drew Jones (2009) and Dr. Sarah Kidd (2002) contributing to and improving their communities and our world -- and inspiring others. 


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MacAdam's community college start launched accounting career

Southwestern honored Shirley MacAdam as the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus. MacAdam is a partner in Hough, MacAdam, Wartnik, Fisher & Gorman LLC of the North Bend/Coos Bay area, and a longtime community volunteer and education advocate.

The Southwestern Distinguished Alumni Award is given in recognition to individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions to their profession, community, or academia. MacAdam has demonstrated strong leadership, commitment to community, and service to others.

“Anyone who has worked hard to accomplish their goals knows it was not done alone. It is important we support and encourage one another along the way always to strive for excellence and personal growth.  Our local and global communities depend on it!” MacAdam said.

MacAdam grew up in California and moved to the south Oregon coast in 1980, living near Reedsport for 25 years.  For many years, she worked in restaurant and catering management, contract administration for a software company and lending in the banking industry. In 1991 as a parent, MacAdam enrolled in Southwestern to earn a GED and soon completed her Associate of Arts degree. She went on to study at the University of Oregon and then earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting at Linfield College in 1998.

“Education does not end with a degree in hand and will be a part of my life forever,” MacAdam said. “As I continue on my journey, I am often reminded that some of the best instructors I have had were right here at SWOCC. I am just one small bit of proof that the community college experience provides opportunity and is critical to the future of our community.”

Guiding tomorrow's communicators

Drew webAlumnus Drew Jones, a broadcast journalism instructor at Marshfield High School in Coos Bay explains it this way: “SWOCC helped me figure out the direction I wanted to go and gave me the tools I needed to become a high school teacher.

"Before going to SWOCC, I wasn’t the best student. SWOCC provided the resources and support I needed to achieve to the best of my ability. I was also in an environment that allowed me to continue to be involved. I participated in Men’s Soccer as well as the Associated Student Government and several different clubs. successful.

"I started out as an undeclared major right out of high school and by the time I finished my AAOT I knew I wanted to enter an education program and become a high school teacher. After SWOCC, I transferred out of state and spent six years away finishing my degree and starting my teaching career.

"Having moved back to the area two years ago has allowed me to reconnect with the community I grew up in and spend more time with my family. Both my family and community gave me so much growing up I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can return the favor.

“Taking on a radio broadcast program has been a challenge and a change from my original education career path but I have enjoyed the challenge and every day is something new. I am very happy to be back in Coos Bay and giving back to a community that made me who I am.”

Science leads to Columbia River restoration and conservation work 

Sarah webResearch Scientist Dr. Sara Kidd recently completed her Ph.D. at Portland State University in Environmental Science and Management. Her higher ed journey started at Southwestern.

“I recall all of my professors at SWOCC really taking a sincere interest in my learning and future. I received quality one-to-one mentoring from many of my teachers and still keep in touch with a few of them.

"This type of educational experience is something I truly missed once I moved into the university system. Working closely with teachers who are passionate about their area of expertise and eager to share their enthusiasm really impacted me and my own personal educational goals.

"I think back on my SWOCC days and am grateful for all of those educators.

“I currently live in Portland with my husband, Brian Kidd, and my newborn daughter, and black lab. On the weekend, you can commonly find me following my husband with a camera. His full-time hobby is to ride around Portland on a unicycle while playing the bagpipes, dressed as Darth Vader. He is known as the Unipiper and considered a local celebrity here in Portland.

“I have spent the last year working as a research scientist for theLower Columbia Estuary Partnership, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and restore the lower Columbia River. I manage and implement the Columbia River Ecosystem Monitoring Program. I also assist with the Estuary Partnership’s ongoing research efforts examining the role of wetland conservation and restoration of estuarine food web dynamics and salmon recovery.”

Scholarships help our students thrive

Many families and businesses support scholarships for our students. Many of these scholarships exist as permanent endowments and have been providing assistance to our students for decades and will for generations to come. In 2017, the Southwestern Foundation awarded scholarships to more than 100 students in a variety of programs from welding and health care to music and forestry. We hope you enjoy meeting a few of these students. 


Fatima Ruiz Guillen forweb"I will be the first generation of my family to both graduate high school and move to the next chapter in my life in college. Being a kid of two immigrant grandparents has always made it so I have to let go of a lot of my dreams, but with my ambition and main goal in mind. …

"Because of your scholarship, I will finally be able to help my grandparents the way they helped me and show all of those who never thought I could do it. This scholarship means more to me than words could simply explain. I cannot wait to help others someday the way you have helped me." - Fatima Ruiz Guillen, studying Dental Assisting


Cody Harkins forwebFormer Foundation Chairman William "Bill" Lansing, who retired as president and CEO of Menasha Forest Products Corp., created this forever scholarship endowment to assist second-year college students majoring in natural resources. 

"I chose to attend Southwestern to obtain my associate’s degree in Forestry with the intent of transferring to Oregon State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management or Forest Engineering. Forestry has been in my family for four generations and I am following in those footsteps. Forestry has interested me since I was old enough to remember.

"Throughout my college career, I plan to work for different forestry companies to see what I really want to do. After I am done with college, I would like to find a job that can provide a decent wage allowing me to own my own house, and support a family. I would also like to have time for some hobbies that include hunting, fishing, camping, and any other outdoor activity. Thanks again for your generous contribution to support me in furthering my education!" - Cody Harkins, studying Forestry


Mikaela Chimeo forweb

I have a huge passion for helping people so I am leaning toward becoming an EMT or Paramedic. Throughout my high school career, I volunteered my time when I wasn't at school to the hospital. My dedication was awarded and I was offered a part-time job as a phlebotomist. I am working in the morning before I need to go to class and then after school as well. 

"I am a very motivated person and take accomplishing my personal goals very seriously. … Thank you for choosing me for the Craig and Susan Nelson Scholarship. - Mikaela Chimeo, pursuing health care training


William Parkins forweb

"Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient of this scholarship. I am extremely grateful and extremely blessed to get it. I am a high school senior from Alamosa, CO and fell in love with the Coos Bay campus and its various outdoor activities.

"Coming from Colorado, I don’t have family in the area and will have to pay the full expenses including room and board. This scholarship will help me cover that and will really help make my dream come true at Coos Bay. I intend to major in Natural Resources over the next four years and eventually land a job with Parks and Wildlife in whatever state will have me! I absolutely love to fish, and cannot wait to learn the technique and secret spots when it comes to salmon and steelhead fishing. - William Parkins, majoring in Natural Resources


Rayvan Dempsey forweb

The Southwestern Foundation created this permanent scholarship endowment in honor of Ms. Virginia Slaney, who passed away in 2017. Ms. Slaney and her late sister Beverly Nelson were teachers who taught in the local schools for many years. The family appreciated the work of the Salvation Army and its volunteers who help others in need in the community, and is the basis for establishing this scholarship.

"My career goals and passion is to become a social worker. I have a driving passion to want to help children with families that struggle with alcohol and drug dependency, and any number of difficult situations they may be going through in their homes. I have the opportunities now that I never thought I would have. For this reason, I chose to want to pursue a career in which I can hopefully change the lives of other children going through the same misfortunes I went through. Thank you for your donation and the development of this scholarship." - Rayvan Dempsey, pursuing an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree


swim team

Team pushes for excellence, breaks 22 records

Southwestern’s Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams won national attention in 2017 for breaking records and claiming medals, also for great sportsmanship and class.swim2

The men placed second as the 2017 Runner-up National Champions at the National Junior College Athletic Association National Championships in Buffalo, NY. The women’s team placed fourth overall. It was a close race and through strategic coaching decisions and many exceptional swims, the men's team was able to come together and make it happen. 

“I believe that is where culture comes in. Together they rose up to the challenge, something not one of them could have done on their own,” said Head Men’s and Women’s Coach Sandra Bullock. “We ask each other to ‘give all you have to give all the time’ and the team did exactly that.”

The team set 22 new school records, brought home 74 medals, including 10 relay and 34 individual top 8 finishes.

“It isn't about winning and losing, but about building up the leaders of our future, because they are just that -- they are the future leaders of our country as they will lead in some way shape or form in the years to come,” Bullock said. “I strive to help them learn to be fierce competitors in the pool, on the pool deck, in the classroom, and in life.”

Bullock said to accomplish that, she works with swimmers to learn, to strive for excellence, to have fun, find joy in the journey, and do their very best. 

“If we do that, we will be successful because at the end of the day they will know they did all they could to achieve their goals and the team's goals with no regrets.”


Les chefs français: de Coos Bay à Lyon

OCCI competition forwebAn Oregon Coast Culinary Institute team and Chef Randy Torres traveled to Lyon, France, in 2017 to challenge competitors from around the globe.

Student chefs Faith Amend and Tesia Campbell represented the United States at the Global Young Chef Challenge at Sirha, the international food and beverage trade show in Lyon, better known as the location for the Bocuse d’Or and World Pastry Cup. In addition, the team of OCCI students and alumni coached by Chef Randy Torres competed for the prestigious Hans Bueschkens Trophy.

This was the first time the eight young chefs battled for the trophy. The competitors presented a three-course menu of six servings over three hours, using Sterling Halibut (for appetizer), VanDrie Veal (for main course) and Dilmah tea as well as Valrhona Chocolate (for desserts). Our team didn’t come away with the trophy this year, but were thrilled to compete and represent our college and nation.

Our competitors from left to right included: Luke Mauth, Bryan Thuerk, Tesia Campbell, Josh Devon, Faith Amend, Jeff Henry, Chef Randy Torres, and Reilly Meehan.


Source: 2016-17 Financial Audit

swocc 17 fincls

new swocc 17 fincls2



The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public foundation organized exclusively for the purpose of supporting higher education in connection with Southwestern Oregon Community College. The Foundation was incorporated in 1962. It accepts gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, personal property, life insurance and equipment. It accepts and manages charitable remainder trusts and lead trusts and is licensed to issue gift annuities in the State of Oregon. The Foundation accepts lifetime gifts and gifts by bequest. The federal ID number is 93:6031563.

Foundation Holdings - $4,907,062

Unrestricted Funds - $1,660,321

Restricted Funds - $3,246,015

Foundation Scholarships - $130,670

Gifts, Grants, Contributions - $2,851,489

Gifts to Endowments - $20,952

Source: 2016-17 Financial Audit


Our college was formed in a tax district election in May 1961. The district includes Coos, Curry and Western Douglas counties. We have two campuses, a Coos Campus in Coos Bay and a Curry Campus north of Brookings.

Acres owned - 174

Number of Buildings - 44


Employees - 353

Student headcount - 7,397

Full-time equivalent - 2,629


Male - 42%

Female - 54%

Undisclosed - 4%

Average age in credit courses - 24

Average class size - 12

Student majors

Career - 30%

Transfer or undecided - 70%

Student residency (by head count)

In-district - 82%

Out-of-district - 18%


Programs of study

Two-year degrees - 42

One-year certificates - 13

Pathways certificates - 28

Library Holdings

Books - 28,152

Documentaries/Movies - 1,608

Databases - 102

Full-Text Periodicals - 58,179

Academic eBooks - 207,732

Coastline Library Consortium

-eBooks - 29,377

-eAudiobooks - 10,950


2017 degrees awarded

Eastern Oregon University - 9 Bachelor's, 1 Master's

Oregon State University - 8 Bachelor's, 4 Master's

Southern Oregon University - 1 Bachelor's, 2 Master's

Many thanks to the community members who volunteer as board members. They not only make significant gifts each year, they give their time and energy to the College and Foundation. 


Wagner project web2













Orchestrating the project of a musical lifetime  

They met in front of a piano, many years before Music Instructor Ida Jo Gates came to the College. She taught. Dick Wagner plied the piano keys.

“I’d always collected sheet music, and I really wanted to play that music. Ida Jo was willing to help me learn,” Wagner said.

They soon became good friends. Ida Jo convinced Dick to serve on her nonprofit music board, and then to appear in “The King and I” at Little Theatre on the Bay. Fast forward to 2017, Ida Jo took an interim stint as the head of the College’s music department. The Wagners asked Ida Jo, who leads the choir, how they could help her in this busy year.

In the 35 or so years since the department was created, the choral music has piled up. People came and went, and filing methods varied. Ida Jo knew it would take people with unique skills to organize the music she wanted to access and share with her students. The Wagners, best known in the community as historians and authors, were just right for the task.

“You start out with people you trust to do a good, efficient job, and see it through to the end,” Ida Jo said.

The Wagners sorted through 800 titles of choral music and the many copies of each. The music now is organized and compiled by title, composer, arranger, publisher, number of copies and shelf location in the music library. There were times it was frustrating, but mostly the Wagners had fun paging through titles from as early as the 1800s up through the 1900s to today.

“We’d find something we knew and just start singing it,” Judy said, smiling up at Dick. “I’d have memory flashbacks when I hit a piece of music.”

Much of the music was donated over the decades. There is a collection from Coquille High School, and other long-gone community groups. The music of the Bay Choraliers and other churches’ spirituals are there. There’s choral music from Broadway, The Beatles and John Denver.

The Wagners are pencil and paper people. Once they completed their task, work study music student Austin Peavyhouse created a digital database. The work isn’t done, though. There still are four cabinets full of jazz music, and there’s orchestra music, and a large record collection.

“I know another project you could do, too, organizing the news clippings,” Ida Jo said.“It was a satisfying project,” Judy said, “It has a beginning and end, at least we thought.”


Harry Abel Jr., Abel Insurance

Susan Anderson, Oregon Education Association

David Bassett, retired engineer and certified building professional

David Bridgham, chairman, retired certified dental technician

Mark Gagnon, chief financial officer Coquille Indian Tribe

Marcia Jensen, retired operations assistant

Ken Messerle, retired rancher and bank director


Mark Wall, Chairman, Roseburg Resources Co.

Judy Ann Mogan, Vice Chairwoman, My Yarn Shop

Carolyn Thompson, Secretary, Carolyn D. Thompson, CPA

Donna Nichols, Treasurer, Jordan Cove LNG LLC

Suzanne Callery,Retired educator

Dr. John Flaxel, Bay Eye Clinic

Dr. Patti Gates, O.D., Coos Bay Vision Center

Peggy Goergen, Retired, Southwestern Oregon Community College

Caddy McKeown, State Representative

Terri Porcaro, The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park

Arnie Roblan, State Senator

Teri Stamsos, Retired attorney

James Turner, Bandon Dunes

Jim Young, Retired, Oregon Department of Forestry


Abel Insurance Agency

Al Peirce Co.

Vicki Anderson

Phillip Anderson


Steven Auer


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Barbara Emily Knudson Foundation

Jon Barton

Dick and Mary Bateman

Bay Area Health District

Eric and Linnae Beechly

Dennis and Janet Beetham

Bill Bernstein and Jane Gigler

Ted and Betty Bezzerides

David and Diane Bilderback

Boyd and Barbara Bjorkquist

Bombshell Tanning LLC

Bob and Carolyn Braddock

John Breuer and Mary Kay Mast

David and Shirley Bridgham

John and Rose Briggs

Suzanne Brown

Curtis and Honora Buell

Linda Bufton

Scott and Glenda Burns


Martin and Suzy Callery


Jill Christiana

Barbara Coates

Mike and Anna Cole

Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians

Connect the Boardwalks

Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Club

Coos Bay Area Zonta Service Foundation

Coos Bay Longshoremen Beneficial Organization

Coos Bay Vision Center

Coos County Board of Realtors

Coos County Cultural Coalition

Coos County Voiture 40 ETS

Coquille Indian Tribe


Tim Dailey and Alane Jennings

Jeff and Carol Davis

Day Ship Supply

Michael Detwiler

Lucinda DiNovo


Russell and Victoria Earl

Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association

Ed and Lynda Ellingsen



Robert and Jo Ann Faust

Ferber Management Company

Jamie Fereday and Margie Ryan

Dr. John and Joy Flaxel

Barbara Foord

David and Molly Ford

Ford Family Foundation

Tom Foster


Mark and Carolyn Gagnon

Ida Jo Gates and Rick Rehfeld

Gordon and Patty Gates

Mike and Nicklyn Gaudette

Carl Gerisch

Larry and Connie Gienger

Matt Gilroy

Peggy Georgen

Todd and Tanya Georgen

Debra Grabowski

Stephan and Jennifer Groth

Kelsey and Jason Guenther


Elise, Brant and Teal Hamner

Dr. Dale Harris and Dr. Michelle Petrofes

Rich Heady

Karen Helland-Domine and David Domine

Mark Henderson and Theresa Brown

Mike Herbert and Megan Corriea

Norm Hill

Stephanie Hixson-Somanchi

Hough, MacAdam, Wartnik, Fisher and Gorman LLC

Jan Hodder and Mike Graybill

Blair Holman and Ginny Tabor

Richard Horning

Bob and Janet Huggins

Dr. Charles Hurbis and Jillian Wightman


Marcia Jensen

Kirk and Barbara Jones

Jordan Cove Energy Project


Frances and Iain Karroll

Sara Keene

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Jordan Kent

Claire Kirkpatrick

David Kronsteiner

Tom and Jean Kyle


Piper Lisseveld


Ali Mageehon

Craig and Shara Main

Robert Main

James Martin and Brigitte Fink

Mark and Carla McKelvey

Matthew and Patricia McKenna

Jeff and Caddy McKeown

Joe and Xandra McKeown

Margaret Melvin

The Menasha Legacy Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Kenneth Messerle

Mildred E. and Harvey S. Mudd Foundation

Bernard and Barbara Metzger

Ron and Kathy Metzger

Michael A Gordon CPA LLC

Judy Ann Mogan

Bruce and Jeanne Moore

Dutch and Joni Mostert


Nasburg Huggins Insurance

Lloyd Newton and Judith Garrett-Newton

Tom and Deb Nicholls

Larry and Donna Nichols

John Nicolaus

Richard and Delaine Nored

Norman F. Sprague Jr. Foundation

North Bend Lanes

North Bend Medical Center

Northwest Natural Gas


Olive Bridge Fund

Doris Olson

Rod Olson

Oregon Dunes Sand Park LLC

Oregon Employer Council South Coast

Oregon International Port of Coos Bay

Oregon State Sheriff’s Association

Dennis and Susan Ottemiller


Pacific Power

Kent and Laura Palanuik

Patricia Parker

Karen Pederson

Tony and Camille Peters

Basil Pittenger, MD, LLC

Pony Village Mall

Art and Toni Poole

Terri Porcaro

Lonnie and Janet Pretti

Trish Price

Frank and Nancy Price

Professional Engineers of Southwestern Oregon


Mike and Lindi Quinn


Maynika Rastogi

Sharen Reese

Steve Richardson and Donna Rabin

The Robert J. and Leona DeArmond Public Foundation

Roseburg Forest Products

Julie Ryan


Save Coos Jobs

Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC

Patty Scott and Jeff Hash

Beverly Segner

7-Eleven Inc.

Kent and Andrea Sharman

Dr. Steven and Eva Shimotakahara

Bo and Kathy Shindler

Shoji Planning LLC

Yashveer and Avena Singh

Douglas and Pamela Soules

South Coast Dixieland Clambake

Melissa Sperry

SSA Pacific

Mary Stricker

Linda Strine

Loren and Hedian Swanson

John Sweet


Karen Takahashi and Patrick Reday

Dean and Linda Tallboy

Barbara Taylor

The Caryll M. & Norman F. Sprague Jr. Foundation

The Mill Casino-Hotel


Judith VanDuzer Uno


Joe and Susan Walker

Shawn Marie Warren

Wells Fargo Foundation

West Coast Contractors Inc.

Jeff Whitey

Dr. Alan and Mary Ann Whitney

Gary Will Jr.


Y Marina Inc.

Cody Yeager

Yellow Cab Taxi

Jim Young


Allan and Virginia Zimmerman

In memory of Candy Cronberger

Carolyn Cronberger

In memory of Patricia Benetti

Max Doak

Ronald Taft

Cap and Kate Sharples

Eric and Connie Luckman

Ethan Tobin

Richard Shearer

Heather Pennel

Barbara Bauder

Cindy Terry

Grand Management Services

Catherine Pennington

Web Marketing Inc.

Margaret Smith

David and Madge Osborn

James Farr

In memory of Vernon Brecke

Pati Sluys

In memory of John W. Burles

Ernest and Sandra Manders

Steven and Cory Burles

James and Sherry Burles

John Burles and Yevgeniya Sokol

Scott Burles

In memory of Margaret I. Day

Karim Shumaker

In memory of Nancy Douglas

James Fritz

In memory of Leonard Farr

Joyce Farr

In memory of Henry and Elva Hansen

Peter Hansen

In memory of Linda Kallgren

Henry Donaldson

Elizabeth Morse

In memory of Stephen Kridelbaugh

Robin and Tony Bunnell

In memory of Estella Morgan

Coos County Sheep Company

Coos Curry Oregon Small Woodlands Association

In memory of Sheryl Rosenbaum

Guy Marchione and Roselyn Cohen

In memory of Vernon Sorenson

Susan Conley

Erik Sorenson

Jean Sorenson

Pete Sorenson

In memory of Andy Toribio

Carolyn Thompson

In memory of May Virginia Smith VanDuzer

Judith VanDuzer Uno