Food Service

The dining hall (Empire Café) is located in Empire Hall and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the dining hall opens in the afternoon for brunch and in the evening for dinner.  If you live in Student Housing you are required to have a meal plan; the cost for this is already included in your room rate. Dining Services will do its best to accommodate the special dietary requirements of students.  If you have special needs in this area, arrangements should be made with Dining Services prior to your arrival at Southwestern.

For the 2016/2017 Academic Year:

Meal Service Begins:
Summer: June 22 - Breakfast is the first meal served
Fall: September 25 - Dinner is the first meal served
Winter: January 1 - Dinner is the first meal served
Spring: March 26 – Dinner is the first meal served

Meal Service Ends:
Summer: August 13 - Dinner is the last meal served
Fall: December 11 - Lunch is the last meal served
Winter: March 17 - Lunch is the last meal served
Spring: June 9 – Lunch is the last meal served

  • No meal services during Thanksgiving, winter, spring and other breaks. Arrangements to stay in housing during breaks need to be made in writing through the Housing Office. Please check with the Housing Office for rates.
  • The 19 and 15 meal plan options are per week. Plans reset each week with no roll over.
  • The Flex Plan offers 88 meals and $125.00 in scrip money each term. This is an average of eight meals per week and scrip money for purchasing food and meals at the student's choice. Only Flex Plan participants may purchase additional scrip money in $110.00 increments at the cash price of $100.00. Unused scrip money only carries over from Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring terms as long as you continue on the Flex Plan. Unused meals do NOT carry from term to term. Upon completion of agreement unused scrip meals or money will not be refunded. 
  • Summer term rates have an 80 meal block plan included. 

Southwestern Dining Services Open Hours & Weekly Menu