Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center provides comprehensive testing services for Southwestern faculty and students. The Testing Center located in Stensland Hall, provides a comfortable, quality environment where students can take tests scheduled by their instructors. We also make arrangements for proctored examinations for online classes.

The Academic Testing Center assures that the highest level of academic testing standards are administered and maintained.


LOCATION: Stensland Hall 

PHONE: 541.888.7325





In accordance with college policy and the student handbook, cheating will not be tolerated in the Testing Center. Any incident of cheating will be reported to the instructor and a college report filed.  Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the instructor and/or the Dean of Students.


1. ID required (no exceptions). Acceptable forms of identification: driver’s license, DMV identification card, passport, military ID, Laker1 card, or High School ID.

2. Students must know what exam they are taking, for what course, and for what instructor.  This information will not be provided by the proctor. Items may be placed in storage cubes or on the floor.  Cell phones must be turned off.

3. Items not allowed in testing center:

  • Food/drink
  • Hats/caps (exception: headgear worn for religious reasons)
  • Watches, fitness tracking devices
  • Cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, flash drives, ear buds/head phones
  • Backpacks, purses

4. Students must show the proctor any allowed testing materials (Scantron, bluebook).  All materials will be examined by proctors.

5. Students who are observed using or having prohibited materials will have the item removed.  Students will be allowed to continue with their test, but will be informed that their work may be invalid after their violation is reported to the instructor.  Incident will be documented in Maxient (reporting system) and noted on the student’s test.

6. Students may not use their own writing instruments, scratch paper, or calculators.  These will be supplied by Testing and must be turned in to a proctor before students leave.

7. Once a students has begun an exam, they may not leave the Testing Center without submitting their test to the proctor.  Students may not leave the Testing Center and return to finish tests later.

8. Students should arrive in time to finish their exam. Students may not begin exams within one hour of closing time. 

9. No children are permitted in the Testing Center.  Per college policy, no children under 13 can be left unsupervised in any area of the college.

10. Due to the high volume of testing during mid-terms and finals, there can be a wait before students are seated.  Students are encouraged to arrive early to the Testing Center during those busy times.

11. Students who need testing accommodations or specialized testing equipment should use the Stensland Hall testing center and contact Educational Support Programs & Services at 541.888.7405 or 541.888.7371.

12. Misconduct or disrespecting staff will result in students being asked to leave the center immediately.

1. The Testing Center is available for all faculty to use. To correspond with the Testing Center, please do not send emails directly to testing personnel, but use the general Testing Center email at

2. You will need to fill out the Exam Request Form, found at before any test can be administered.

3. Please fill out request form completely, especially the “Students may have” field.  We cannot allow students to use any resource not listed.

4. We take test security very seriously.  Students are required to present a valid photo ID to begin testing.  Students are monitored while testing and all paperwork, including scratch paper, is collected before the student leaves.  Tests are stored in locking cabinets.  Tests will not be transported through campus mail.  Tests and scratch paper will only be scanned if the course is a distance course and the instructor is off-site.  Passwords are not shared with students at any time.

5. When possible, all tests should be administered online via eLearning.  Support is available through the Distance Learning office, Tioga Hall, room 323.  Paper and pencil tests are less secure.

6. Most testing materials will be provided by the Testing Center.  These include writing utensils, scratch paper, calculators.  Does not include Scantrons or bluebooks.

7. If your test is paper/pencil, please provide sufficient copies of the test.  Your name must appear on the test copy itself.  Separate answer documents must have your name and a place for the student’s name and test date.  You may leave paper/pencil tests with proctors at the Testing Center during regular open hours.

8. All University Center testing will take place in Stensland Hall, with the exception of students that need to test after 5pm.  Completed paper/pencil tests will be returned to the University Center coordinator at the end of each day.

9. Time keeping cannot be provided by the proctors.  The proctor will stamp or write the start time on the test when the student checks in and will stamp or write the finish time when the student turns in the completed test.

10. Tests may only stay open in the Testing Center for four working days.  Every test must have a specific time limit with a maximum time of three hours unless approved by your division dean prior to students taking the test.

11. After the close of each test, four days after the test opens, faculty are expected to pick up their tests (and scratch paper) within 48 hours.  Tests are available for pick up during regular open hours. Due to the nature of the Testing Proctor’s schedule, they will not be able to pick up, deliver, or scan testing materials. Any materials left will be collected and sent to the division dean office.

12. If you are going to utilize the Testing Center, please make sure students are aware of the Testing Center Policies by attaching them to your syllabus/syllabi.